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[December 1st 2005]

Art Games - Artificial recommends

This is Artificial's list of Art Games. It is not in any way exhaustive but meant as an inspiration. Editing: Kristine Ploug.

Pac Mondrian

Pac Mondrian
Play Pac Man in the setting of Mondrian's Broadway Boogie Woogie-painting. The game play is like in the classic game Pac Man. Made by Canadian Prize Budget for Boys. Mondrian has been used in before in digital arts - check out John F. Simon Jr's Complex City.


Amanita: Samorost
Samorost is an amazing universe. The main character goes through several levels with quirky details. You are actually playing the game, but at a very slow pace as it takes a long time to figure out what to do.

Amanita: Samorost 2
The second Samorost game. Even better than the first one and this time with cheat codes!


Ben Fry: Distellamap
Distellamap is using the code in old game cartridges. He is 'translating' the code into a graphical picture. Everytime the code has a 'go to' the drawing has a curve. The one showed to the left is from Pac Man. This is not a game at all, but clearly using the code from games in the artistic practice.

Super Mario Clouds

Cory Arcangel: Super Mario Clouds
Super Mario Clouds is a hack of an old Super Mario game. In the hacked version, only the clouds are left - not even super Mario is there!


Alison Mealey: Unreal Art
Art made in the Unreal engine. Mealey lets a number of virtual players play the game for a half hour and then uses the data from the games to produce complex drawings.



JoDi's SOD is a modification of the game Wolfenstein. You can actually attempt to play the game, but everything is scrampled - in the way that has become typical for JoDi.



Ferry Halim: Orisinal
Orisinal is a number of small artistic games. Each one has its own charm.


The Intruder

Natalie Bookchin: The Intruder
In Natalie Bookchin's The Intruder the user is being kept busy with a number of more or less classic games - pong is one of them - while listening to a reading of a Jorge Luis Borges short story.

Nerve Game

Vanessa Somerwine: The Nerve Game
In the Nerve Game the player has to answer a lot of daily life questions while the level of stress and depression is increasing.

Thompson and Craighead: Trigger Happy
(click on 'Trigger Happy' in the drop down menu)
Trigger Happy is based on the classic game Space Invaders. However, what you shoot is text pieces.


Left to my own devices

Geoffrey Thomas: Left to my own Devices
You really are left to your own devices in this game. You control the guy in blue jumping around.

Gonzalo Frasca: September 12
September 12 is a political game - the title obviously referring to the day after Sep 11. In the game you shoot terrorist. It looks like your are aiming precise, but once the bomb hits, the terrorist is gone. Instead you hit civilians, whom later turn into terrorist. The meaning is quite easy to decipher ...



Vuk Cosic: The ASCII Unreal
As a reaction to the photo-like 3D worlds, Vuk Cosic replaced all surfaces in letters from the Cyrillic alphabet. Some will also remember the the green/black color from the old computers.

Velvet Strike

Anne-Marie Schleiner/ Brody Condon/ Joan Leandre et al.: Velvet-Strike
Velvet Strike is a so-called 'patch' that you can add to you own game. In this case you can add non-military grafiti to the shooter gamer Counter Strike. The site tells you how to install the patch and allows you to add your own grafiti.

Average Shoveler

Carlo Zanni: Average Shoveler
Carlo Zanni's Average Shoveler is not a game in the sense that it has user interaction. It does, however, lend its aesthetics from the 80's game Leisure Suit Larry. The piece functions in real time as the snor flakes contains news from the internet. From time to time there is also a big snowfall containing pics.


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