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Digital Art in a Limestone Mine

[November 10th 2005]

A suite of works by Stanza (UK) projected onto a sculpture by Danish sculptor Anders Bundgaard.

Digital Art in a Limestone Mine.
Photos from the MINE festival.

The new Danish digital art festival, MINE took place November 5-6, 2005. The project grew out of a cooperation between Aalborg University, the municipality of Stoevring, AM Production, AV Center-Aalborg and Stoevring Hoejskole. These participants form the digital art forum 'one/o' ( Thomas Petersen of Artificial assisted in the curating process.

The exhibition mainly took place in the Thingbaek limestone mines (Thingbaek kalkminer). The participating artists were a mix of local artists from the area, other Danish as well as international artists working with digital art. Here are some pictures from the event. Photos: Thomas Petersen

Marius Watz (Norway) exhibited the generative piece System_C.

Amanita Design (Czech Republic) showed the new game Samorost 2.

Mads Høbye, Thor Lentz and Aasmund Boye Kverneland (Denmark) showed the interactive singing plants: Jordnaer.

Excite (Denmark): One/o Dem/o featured an interactive installation with a screaming man in a small room.

Thomas Petersen (Denmark) showed a generative piece controlled by a touch screen: Trace II.

Bruno Kjaer and Nils Sloth (Denmark) exhibited the video installation Playtime.

Ole Kristensen showed projection piece: Light Moves.

AM:3D (Denmark): 3D sound installations, Phaedon and Lydsafari.

Planetarium + Excite (Denmark): Paa rumrejse i minen.

Lots of audience in the mine.



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