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News from #16

Saturday, February 9th, 2006
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'How has new media influenced society in the past 10 years?' and 'What are the biggest challenges to the future development of new media?' are two of the four questions Artificial's Torben Olander asked 17 different people at the Refresh festival in Banff, Canada this fall. Those are central questions to all of us working in this area and it is very interesting to read the answers.

This month we also bring you an interview with Noah Wardrip-Fruin. Although digital literature is something we at Artificial find very interesting, we have never given it much coverage. Therefore, we are extremely happy to present an in-depth interview with an important artist in the field.

We also bring you an interview with artist Steve Wilson, who combines art, science and games. This is our - at least for now - last article in the Art Game Special. The series seem to hit a nerve - a lot of people have blogged about it and many have sent us feedback and links for more art games. Thanks for this - and please continue keeping us posted.


Torben Olander went to the Refresh festival in Banff, Canada this fall. He asked a number of interesting participants the same four questions.

Roberto Simanowski talked with Noah Wardrip-Fruin about disappearing, instrumental, fixed, and responsive text - about text-games, word pictures, critical technical practices, and the future of digital literature.

Torben Olander talked to San Francisco based artist Steve Wilson, who combines art, science and games.


The winner of Transmediale Award 2006 is Agnes Meyer-Brandis for SGM-Iceberg-Probe.

Over at Culture TV you can see a pretty cool video of Marius Fuchs's Post Vinyl.

SFMoMA has just announced the appointment of Rudolf Frieling as their new curator of media arts. Frieling comes from ZKM in Germany. Read the press release here:

Norwegian artist Marius Watz continues his Generator.x blog. It was started as a warm-up to the conference and exhibition with the same name taking place in Oslo, Norway in the fall of 2005, but continues.

The Good Experiences Live-conference to come to DK. The conference will take place in Copenhagen with speaker such as Vuk Cosic and previous DK minister of culture Jytte Hilden om Sep 1, 2006.

Check out this Canada based ezine Vague Terrain:

Christophe Bruno has an interesting solo show in Toulouse opening next week. On show will be the WiFi-SM patch and other cool Bruno stuff. The show runs Jan 10 to Feb 11 at Gallery Sollertis in Toulouse, France. Check out Bruno's works on some of Bruno's works on some of his many websites:

This is our catalogue of computer based art that we can recommend. You'll find net art, software art, classics, and a continuously updated list of new pieces. This week we have one recommendation:

Christophe Bruno's Human Browser was shown at this year's Transmediale. The work consist of a person wearing ear phones where synthetic speech is reading out what someone else is browsing on the internet.
See the video clippings from Transmediale:


A fairly odd part of the contemporary art scene is the naturalistic paintings of computer screens, etc. Several artists have touched upon it. Italian artist Carlo Zanni has painted e.g. the classic Windows Wallpaper with a blue sky and a green field, the Napster logo and other related images. Another Italien artist, Miltos Manetos, has painted his Playstation, and French Valery Grancher has painted, among other things, the Google interface. Check it out.

Miltos Manetas:
Carlo Zanni: (click on artworks/paintings)
Valéry Grancher:

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