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October 17th 2004: Pics from SoundImage

[October 17th 2004]

SoundImage - Hearing an image

SoundImage - Hearing an image was shown at Copenhagen Project Room. The art work was made solely for this exhibition by Thomas Petersen (the projection/Flash programming), Inez Mortensen (design of exhibition space) and Felipe Otondo (music).

SoundImage consisted of a projection, sound, and an interior covered in a soft green grasslike carpet with red 'islands' creating a new type of contemplation room - quite different from the original gallery space. The projection had its origin in a Flash based artwork resembling a landscape made by squares changing color due a system of randomness. The colors (chosen from a range of potential colors) trigger a range of sound loops spontaneously putting together a sound composition. A 'sound-producing image' if you will. See it for yourself.

Visit the project's website and download a version of the Flash piece here:

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