Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Critical filtering

Among other projects, Peter Luining premiered a set of custom filters created for Photoshop effectively planting a critical comment inside the original software. One set of filters literally takes over the entire visible space of the interface, others allow you to apply the views of media gurus to your images. Try adding some Foucault...

Meet Soeren Pold

Organizer Soeren Pold in a rare relaxed moment. Based at the Digital Aesthetics Research Centre ( he has been one of the Danish persons responsible for bringing Read_me to Aarhus. The idea was originally conceived while Alexei Shulgin was visiting to do a lecture, workshop and concert in Ã…rhus in 2002. One of the goals of this particular research centre is to build a bridge between the art departments and the departments dealing with multimedia and information technology. Read_me also brings the Jutland Academy of Fine Art into the equation, hopefully letting the festival act as a catalyst for the digital arts scene in Aarhus. And lets see if they will also start a Dorkbot branch at some point!

Granny Smith

Georg Tremmel and Shiho Fukuhara presented the Biopresence project, proposing to incorporate strands of human DNA into eg. trees. In the case of incorporating a dead relative's DNA into an apple tree, the question is if you would eat the fruit from the grandma tree. Check out: A totally unrelated detail in this connection is Shiho's pseudo dial-up audio watch which will only tell you the time when stimulated whith the right combination of numbers.

This is NOT a geek convention

I want my mommy

Christophe Bruno demonstrated the interface of his new project Dreamlogs, which is still at a prototype phase. Starting with the sentence "I want my mommy" he started downloading sentences from Google that are in some way close to the original one, picking out the phrases he liked. The result was something like an associative trail through the textual soup of the web: I want my mommy... Jesus was a terrorist ... Woman don't control their bodies etc. After this a standard-looking web page (a dreamlog) can be created, feeding the content back to the web. You can imagine the confusion of the ordinary user stumbling onto one of these pages... More of Bruno's work at:

WIMP and the beautiful world

Alexei Shulgin and Victor Laskin presented WIMP (stands for Windows Interface Manupulation Program or Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointing).
In all of his years of working with computers, what made the biggest impression on him, Alexei remarked, was the interface. Basically what WIMP does is animate the different layers in the Windows GUI.

When Soeren Pold asked Alexei if he found Windows beautiful, the answer was: "I think the world is beautiful".

Processing presentation

The first presentation at the Runme/Dorkbot city camp at the Art Academy in Aarhus was by Casey Reas. Only being able to give a very brief presentation of the Processing project (by Ben Fry and himself), he was open for the possibility of doing one-on-one practical Processing sessions while in Aarhus. One of the points of Processing is to ease the access to art/design programming for non-expert programmers.

Virus show later this year

We met Alessandro Ludovico from Neural Magazine (, who told us about a forthcoming exhibition on computer viruses thats coming to Denmark and USA later this year. Its going to be about the destructive elements as well as cultural and artistic approaches. The title of the exhibition? I Love You...

Dates and places: USA: Brown University, Watson Institute, Providence, 10th September - 4th October 2004. Denmark: Post & Tele Museum Copenhagen 7th October - 14th November 2004. URL:

Quote: Douwe Osinga

I think of the web as a huge cocktailparty
[Douwe Osinga in his presentation at the conference yesterday]

More pics from Tuesday at rum46

Here are some more pictures from the Human Computer Interface Exhibition and the live coding session by Slub.