Thursday, August 26, 2004

Alexei TV

Minced Cinema

The Movie Mincer Cinema is a project by Sergey Teterin in which an old Soviet meat mincer is used to manually control motion pictures by turning the mincer's handle (both back and forth). At his presentation at the Runme/Dorkbot city camp Sergey characterized the project as a cheap hardware solution for Vjs. The current version doesn't however actually support grinding meat at the same time. It will be interesting to observe which direction the development of this tool will take.

Distort your media

Aristarkh Chernyshev’s project Shining TV proposes to manipulate the TV-signal, transforming the signal into a range of new TV types. One of the physical interfaces is the the real-virtuality-helmet (a joint project with Alexei Shulgin), that allows the spectator to see the world in ASCII mode. Another interesting one is the attachment Shine Box which allows the user to watch regular TV programmes in a range of distorted modes (12 different ones). Also see a partial version of the project: "Final Adjustment" at the exhibition space rum46 here in Aarhus.

Dot Matrix Music

Paul Slocum demonstrated how he reprograms various devices eg. turning the 1985 Epson LQ-500 printer into a rythmic musical instrument by adding a reprogrammed EPROM. This printer-instrument was demonstrated here at the Runme/Dorkbot citycamp in Aarhus and is currently on display at the local gallery rum46. It will also be demonstrated live at Musikcafeen tonight, where the band Tree Wave (Paul Slocum and Lauren Gray) will use a larger setup of obsolete computer equipment to produce music. and

Unpredictable radio

Tom Betts and Joe Gilmore have created a live streaming radio station with generative music. Its called Rand()%. The individual pieces are created by various artists using very different tools like Max/MSP, Director, Flash, HTML, Pure Data etc. A UK based computer runs the programs broadcasting the result to the internet. Joe explained how he’s been looking into different ways of incorporating randomness into music eg. utilizing streams of numbers based on radioactive material or atmospheric pressure. Suggestions from the audience included basing music on the London bus schedule…

The guys are always looking for new material, so submit your pieces at:

Read_me documentation

Here are some links to some media clips dealing with Read_me (In Danish). Thanks to Soeren Pold for compiling the list.
- Kunstmagasinet (Radio, 19 August) - 27 minutes into the stream . 12 minutes long, Søren + Morten:
- Kulturnyt: (Radio, 23 August) (Shorter version of more or less the same but with Jacob and without Morten):
- TV2 Østjylland, (TV, 23 August) (in the beginning and at the end - Rasmus Lunding + Morten Breinbjerg):
- A fine article in Danish made by students at the Journalist School:$203

People doing strange things with beer

The first day of the Runme/Dorkbot city camp found its conclusion in a get-together at the art academy. Shiny happy software artists and an insanely eclectic mp3 play-o-rama.