Friday, August 27, 2004

Dorkbots in raincoats

From left to right: Saul Albert, Douglas Repetto and Alex McLean.

"Talking about performance is like dancing about software"

Amy Alexander's presentation revolved around the concept of breaking down the usual interface of the computer - especially in connection to vjing. VJ √úbergeek rocked and Saul Albert did his thing on the foot operated vj interface. Check out where you can download a freeware version of the search engine based vj tool CyberSpaceLand("Critical Eye Candy. Or Something.")

Printer Poetics

Dallas based duo Tree Wave (Paul Slocum and Lauren Gray) gave a stunning performance at Musikcafeen. Who would have thought that an obsolete matrix printer could sound so beautiful. Truly poetic.

Thursday night out

Pics from an inspiring night at Musikcafeen. One from Eugenio Tisseli's vj performance and one from an experiment with collective vjing.

Grown-ups doing strange things with lego

Rasmus Lunding works on expanding the Lego Mindstorm robot kit into musical components. We watched the lego creatures create sound by rolling over and into various objects and at one point slip into a destructive frenzy.