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10*10 - 10 questions for 10 Nordic artists - Trine Eidsmo

[July 28th 2005]

10 questions for 10 Nordic artists.

Artificial sets out to dig an alternative route through the activities on the Nordic scene for computer based art. We wanted to find a way to sidestep the restrictions in our own particular outlook so we are therefore launching an unpredictable series of interviews, which will hopefully help us uncover the hidden potentials out there.

We handed Norwegian artist Trine Eidsmo a set of 10 questions and she will in turn pass them on to an artist of her choice. After answering the same questions, this artist will choose a new artist ... and so forth. The only criterion for the participants are that they live and work in Scandinavia and create computer based art. In the end, 10 Nordic artists will have answered 10 questions about their art, working process and much more.


- May 5th: Marius Watz (Norway)
- February 21st: Juha Huuskonen (Finland)
- November 12th: Marita Liulia (Finland)
- September 17th: Robert Brecevic (Sweden)
- August 15th: Nils Claesson (Sweden)
- July 28th: Trine Eidsmo (Norway)




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