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[May 13th 2005]
An Experience with Your Body in Space

[April 15th 2005]
A Dorkbot Debut

[March 31st 2005]
5 faves - picked by Sonja Thomsen

[February 24th 2005]
Art and science - Interview with the Creators of Sol

[February 21st 2005]
"The Internet is still such an unfamiliar space for looking at and thinking about art" - Interview with Rachel Greene

[January 27th 2005]
"Scientists often have fantastic brains but they don't always see the social relevance of what they do"

[January 24th 2005]
Art is a software plug-in. An interview with Peter Luining

[December 3rd 2004]
Electrohype Biennial 2004
Images from the exhibition

[December 3rd 2004]
Next 2004 - a selection of images

[December 2nd 2004]
Is something rotten in the state of Denmark?

[November 26th 2004]
A matter of taking up the challenge - Artificial editorial

[November 4th 2004]
Net Stars

[October 28th 2004]
5 Faves - picked by Sebastian Campion

[October 17th 2004]
SoundImage - Hearing an image

[October 5th 2004]
Dorkbot - People Doing Strange Things with Electricity

[October 3rd 2004]
5 Faves - picked by Thor Magnusson

[September 21st 2004]
Timeshift - Interview with Josh On

[September 6th 2004]
'Generative art is as old as art'. An interview with Philip Galanter

[August 19th 2004]
5 Faves - picked by Marius Watz

[August 19th 2004]
5 Faves - picked by Mogens Jacobsen

[July 13th 2004]
Halfmachine 2004. Interview with Simon Moe

[June 9th 2004]
Special: Generative art

[June 1st 2004]
Who writes the history - Interview with Petri Raappana

[May 16th 2004]
Digital Pioneers at Electrohype

[April 26th 2004]
Diffus generative art seminar and site launch

[April 14th 2004]
Autopilot photos

[April 7th 2004]
Hacking at Cinemateket (Danish only)

[April 4th 2004]
Interview with Andy Bichlbaum from The Yes Men

[April 4th 2004]
Interview with Morten Schjødt, Mogens Jacobsen and Peter Fjeldberg

[March 30th 2004]
The Net Wants to Be Free- the Saga Continues

[March 23d 2004]
Computer Code as Art Material

[March 16th 2004]
'You're in my Computer' -

[February 29th 2004] curates generative art exhibition

[February 24th 2004]
Software art festival Read_me 3.4 goes to Aarhus

[January 7th 2004]
Virtual Walk at Amager Faelled – an interview with Jon Paludan

[December 22nd 2003]
The Classic II Exhibition in Malmø

[November 19th 2003]
'I am never sure what it will do ... until I run it'

[October 28th 2003]
A Programmer's Perspective

[October 20th 2003]
Code. In Conversation with Casey Reas

[September 30th 2003]
NetArt for real

[September 24th 2003]
Software art - an introduction

[June 23d 2003]
6 questions about digital art

[June 18th 2003]
Report from the Read_Me 2.3 Festival

[June 6th 2003]

[May 1st 2003]
Lev Manovich comes to Denmark

[April 24th 2003]
Interview with David Crawford

[April 15th 2003]
Stop Motion Studies

[March 19th 2003] special: Wartime

[December 18th 2002]
Electrohype 2002

[October 21st 2002]
Interview with Lars Midboe

[October 10th 2002]
Interview with Mogens Jacobsen

[October 10th 2002]
Ars Electronica 2002
[Danish only]

[May 21st 2002]
Garbage revisited and cleanliness on the web

[April 2nd 2002]
Interview with Mai Ueda

[March 22nd 2002]
Interview with Rick Silva

[March 6th 2002]
'Great artists are cleaning ladies'. Interview with Miltos Manetas

[November 2nd 2001]
Artificial Paradises at LAB

[August 29th 2001]
Interview with Petri Raappana



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